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Amateur Athletic Union World Junior Golf Tour is dedicated to providing a competitive golf tournament platform for juniors (male or female) throughout the world. The AAU World Junior Golf Tour establishes a venue for participation in FUN, competitive golf for juniors from ages 6 to 12 and 12 to 18 yrs old, regardless of the junior’s ability to pay. The AAU World Junior Tour will provide tournaments throughout the USA, as well as abroad. Tour will develop participating juniors from Middle school through High school Years, placing an emphasis on guidance in academics and life values. AAUWT will provide both World and National Ranking status for all players. AAUWT will offer college recruiting assistance, archive all data for support of resumes and give access to detailed player profiles for college coaches. AAUWT will work with each player in order to establish their entry level for college golf (Division I, II or III.)


Tour Background Information

The founding principles of the AAUWT have identified a number of deficiencies in the area of competitive junior golf and are dedicated to leveling the playing field for amateur participants. AAUWT seeks to manage a high-profile junior tour in which all juniors have an opportunity to compete for rankings and scholarships fairly. AAUWT will offer professionally run tournaments that include on-course live scoring, USGA rules governance, and world-wide, as well as, national ranking for individual players. Many events will be hosted at elite resort venues involving the participants’ families, supported by strong local marketing. AAU National Golf chair and AAUWT President and staff have over 50 years of combined experience in junior golf event management. AAUWT is managed by a lifetime PGA member, as well as highly qualified instructors, and experienced management and support staff at all levels. The AAUWT utilizes only USGA Rules officials who are honorable and dedicated to the preservation of the integrity of the Tour. Each event will be staffed with no less than twelve members of AAUWT, by professional people who have been involved or participated in professional events with PGA or some level of USGA experience.

Management Team: 



Wendell Welch
AAU National Golf Chair

Hal Yost
Vice President 
PGA Life Member 
Professional since 1969
AAU National Golf Chair


 As the founding principal and creator of AAU World Junior Tour concept, Wendell will continue to head operations and all of its related divisional interests. His many years of experience and long-standing relationships within the industry have proved invaluable in the development of the Company since inception. As an expert in public relations and the fundraising aspects of the particular business model, he will continue to press the interests of Junior Golf programs throughout North Carolina and Southeast , and ultimately on the national scene. Wendell’s seventeen years of extensive experience in Junior Golf programs both in teaching and coaching High School golf, both boys and girls and nine Years in AAU will bring superlative leadership Qualities to the organization. A lifelong entrepreneur and innovator, Wendell’s relentless dedication to the project has already created substantial buzz, and new client listings and relationships are being created for the Company at a rapid pace. Wendell Welch-President/CEO and AAU National Golf Chair 

Hal Yost is a PGA Life Member with 42 years’ experience in the golf industry. He has instructed players of all skill levels from beginners to PGA/LPGA Professionals by focusing on the basics of a sound golf swing and helping players develop the mental focus necessary to master the game of golf.  He is the owner of the Golf Shop in Hudson, Florida. He has successfully organized both youth and adult golf events around the country. Since starting his first junior golf program in 1975, Hal is dedicated to passing on his knowledge of golf to the youth he works with, giving them the tools to play the game and to play their best possible game. He hopes that, by helping players develop everything from their swing to their passion for golf, he can empower their success as they are the future to “growing the game of golf”, the sport he loves.  

More about Hal:

  • AAU National Golf Chair since year 2000.
  • Co-director of the Groves AAU Junior Golf Club with LPGA Master Teaching Professional Jan Johnson.
  • Hosted the Major League Baseball Old Timers Series golf events.
  • Organized the first “Bush/Chrysler Scramble” that eventually became the worlds largest amateur golf tournament and known as the “Oldsmobile Scramble”.
  • Organized the first “2-Man” National Amateur competition for The Equitable Life.
  • Organized the first NFL Alumni Benefit golf event in Canton, Ohio, inducted as an Honorary H.O.F member in 1988.  
  • Organized the Walter Hagen Cancer Benefit tournament.
  • PGA/USGA Certified Rules Official.
  • PGA/USGA Certified Handicap Player Instructor.
  • PCSCertified Golf Club Builder, also specializing in club repair.
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Robert Zajac
Executive Tour Director 
Director of Instruction

Junior Academy Life Skills Coach



Rob Zajac believes there is more to golf than the rules of the game.  It’s a chance to pass on to junior athletes some of the lessons he’s learned in life—lessons like integrity, strength and the ability to pick yourself up and get back in the game.

As a Life Skills Coach and Director of Instruction at AAU World Golf Tour and Academy, Rob’s passion is giving junior golfers the skills to succeed—on and off the green.  He starts by building relationships with his students and their families, believing that before you can inspire someone, you must first learn what their goals and values are—what motivates them to be their best even when the going is tough.

That’s a lesson Rob has spent the past 20 years learning himself, both as an entrepreneur and a professional golfer and instructor. Whether in building a business from the ground up or coaching students to their first tournament wins, his slogan has been the same: “Give 110% in everything you do.”  For the young golfers he coaches, that means committing to the whole game—from the nutrition and fitness that power the swing to the mental discipline it takes to perfect technical skills.  Again and again, Rob Zajac sees that drive carry over into success in the classroom and beyond.  He knows that if students can learn to make a plan for pursuing their goals, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.  It’s the inner drive and belief that he feels separates the good from the great—and it’s what he hopes to instill into each junior athlete he’s fortunate enough to coach.


Career Achievements/Highlights

  • Junior Golf Life Coach, AAU World Golf Tour and Academy, 2009-present
  • Graduated in Golf Course Management, 2008
  • Certified Golf Instructor, 2008
  • Launched professional golf career, 2007
  • Developed software program to streamline business processes, 2001 - 2004
  • Designed two driving range facilities in the Northeast, 1996 - 2001


Getting Started with the AAUWGT

Note: Any information dependent on the completion of the 2011 schedule will be updated after the schedule is finalized.

What is the AAUWGT?
Why should I join?
How do I join?
Who is eligible to be an AAUWGT Member?
What playing opportunities are available with the AAUWGT?
Do you have more questions?

What is the AAUWGT?

The Amateur Athletic Union World Tour is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the overall growth and development of young men and women who aspire to earn college golf scholarships through competitive junior golf.

The Amateur Athletic Union Junior Golf Association has been devoted to conducting national junior golf tournaments at the highest level of junior golf. In 2011, the AAU will conduct more than 180 tournaments and 35 K12 Qualifiers for young players, ages 12-18. At each event, the AAUWGT seeks to live up to its mission statement by providing a first-class venue, professional staff and a safe environment. The AAUWGT requires its golfers to adhere to a code of conduct and pace of play.

Why should I join?

Most junior golfers join the AAUWGT to play tournament golf, where they will find outstanding competition and be seen by college golf coaches, in hopes of securing a college golf scholarship.

The AAUWGT offers two different membership options. The mandatory membership required by the AAU is $14.00. This allows you to play in any sport that is sanctioned thru the AAU.

The AAUWGT Membership, which costs $35.00, is required by all and is ideal for high school sophomores and juniors who are planning to attend college.  This puts the player in our recruiting list, college coaches listing and AAUWGT top 100 junior rankings. This also allows you to compete for the AAU Sullivan Award.

Younger players may wish to become Junior Futures Members, which costs $35.00, in order to better prepare themselves for the recruiting process yet to come.  Players ages 6 to 12 who sign up for the Junior Futures Membership play a reduced schedule and are not eligible for the AAU Sullivan Award.

How do I join?

Joining the AAUWGT can be done online at www.aaujrgolftour.com.  After submitting your membership, the AAUWGT will send an automated e-mail confirmation which includes your AAUWGT Member ID # and a summary of the information entered on the membership form.  Members will also be mailed a membership packet with other membership items.  

Prior to applying to tournaments or qualifiers, you will need to submit acceptable proof of age documentation to the AAUWGT. A notarized copy (must be notarized after the copy is made) of a birth certificate, passport or drivers license is acceptable documentation. This document must be mailed to the AAUWGT, 5410 Mockingbird Rd, Greensboro, NC, 27406.

Who is eligible to be an AAUWGT member?

Players may sign up for before their 12th birthday. However, they must be at least 12 years of age to participate in an AAUWGT event. Future Player Membership is open to all juniors under the age of 13.

Those juniors who have graduated from high school may only play until Sept. 1 (through August 31) of the season directly following high school graduation, any junior who has graduated high school and has started college is not eligible to play in AAUWGT events.

Prior to applying to tournaments or qualifiers, you will need to submit acceptable proof of age documentation to the AAUWGT. A notarized copy (must be notarized after the copy is made) of a birth certificate, passport or drivers license are all acceptable documentations. This document must be mailed to the AAUWGT 5410 Mockingbird RdGreensboroNC27406.

What playing opportunities are available with the AAUWGT?



AAUWGT tour series

The AAUWGT will run a series of 20 events from September to May each year, with the championship being played in May on an invitation basis only. You must be a member of the AAU and AAUWGT to participate.  All of these events will allow you to be ranked in the Top 100 ranking and eligible for the Sullivan Award nomination.


The Sullivan Award, known as the” Oscar” of sports awards, is older than The Heisman. The AAU Sullivan Award honors the outstanding amateur athlete in the United States. It has been presented annually by the AAU since 1930 as a salute to founder and past president of the Amateur Athletic Union and a pioneer in amateur sports, James E. Sullivan. Based on the qualities of leadership, character, sportsmanship, and the ideals of amateurism, the AAU Sullivan Award goes far beyond athletic accomplishments and honors those who have shown strong moral character.




Do you have more questions?

Call Wendell Welch at 336-674-1900 or email Wendell Welch AAU National Golf Chair <aaujrgolftour@aol.com>



Operations:  Current operational structure of the AAU World Junior Tour for 2011


Tournament Schedule:
The AAU World Junior Golf Tour intends operate 20 tournaments within the United States and 6 additional tournaments at selected venues outside of the United States in the calendar year.


Tournament Structure:
Each tournament will be assigned a unique ranking designation and be named accordingly. Each event will be scheduled based upon a preset tee time construct and tee times will be assigned based upon specific age divisions. All tournament events will be completely managed and staffed by certified AAU personnel and be governed by USGA rules and regulations.

Age Divisions: Age divisions are set and each player will play from designated tees. A player may choose to play up in age group but may not play down. Once a player plays up they may only move down one time and must stay down the remainder of the year. A Player will not be allowed to move from one age group to another.



  • Ages 12 Years and Under

          Yardage: 5800 to 6500  

  • 14 Years and Under

          Yardage: 6800 to 7200 

  • 16 Years and Under

             Yardage: 6800 to 7200

  • Ages 18 and Under

          Yardage: 6800 to 7200



An AAUWT Champion will be crowned from each respective flight at the end of each calendar year of competition. There will also be an overall AAUWT Championship awarded, which will include a nomination for the Sullivan Award each April (qualification criteria apply). All awards and point leaders will be appropriately included in all press releases, newsletter, Tour correspondence and Sponsors Champions Bulleting Board website postings.




The AAUWGT utilizes only USGA Rules officials who are honorable and dedicated to the preservation of the integrity of the Tour. Each event will be staffed with no less than twelve members of AAUWT, by professional people who have been involved or participated in professional events with PGA or some level of USGA experience.



Official AAU World Junior Golf Tour Website

The AAUWT will operate its Official Tour website, which will include an array of information links, scores, profile postings (with secure access protocols), tournament scoreboards, sponsor logos/links and a variety of other informational services including:

  • Complete player information services
  • College recruiting database service
  • Historical scoring and competitive information
  • Sponsor links
  • Tour blog and social networking component
  • Online registration and payment capabilities
  • Event postings and updates
  • Instructional information and links
  • Additional information and Tour services as required

Recruiting Channels

Existing AAU Junior Golf Programs (individual AAU State programs, for example, include members in the states of Florida 39,833, North Carolina 15,437, South Carolina 6,210)

Existing Private teaching Facilities (Gary Gilchrest School, Hank Haney School, IMG School)

Existing Junior Golf Tour Programs

Top Media Resources (Magazine, Golfing News, Television, Golf Channel).

Public and Private School Systems

Golf Clubs, Country Clubs

Community Groups (Optimist, Shiners, Moose Lodge, Community Centers, YMCA)

Competitive Junior Tournament Golf Market

The National Golf Foundation (NGF) estimates that in 2007 there were approximately 30 million golf participants and the number of rounds played was approximately 500 million. The NGF predicts that, over the next 20 years, the number of golf participants in the United States will grow by three to four million and that the number of rounds played will increase by 100 to 150 million. It is estimated that over the next decade, junior golf participation will be a critical element in growing the sport as well as the playing base for the golf industry as a whole. The AAUWT intends to be at the forefront for competitive Junior Golf tournaments and events.


It is our belief that the success of the AAUWT will be the result of the combined efforts of all of the existing AAU Junior Golf program operators (see www.AAUGolf.org) as well as a variety of other existing Junior Golf Tour programs and instructional programs throughout the United States and in selected countries.


Advertising and Sponsorship Sales

The AAUWT will offer a variety of advertising and sponsorship opportunities for local and national businesses to gain branding exposure. This type of youth sports sponsorship affiliation has always been a valuable source of community service and support for businesses and benefactors of youth sports programs of all types. Opportunities currently consist of (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Various levels of tour sponsorship with title and line naming rights
  • Advertising opportunities on tour website and email content
  • Advertising opportunities in tour newsletter and print materials
  • Logo branding opportunities on tour bags, logo balls, towels, bag tags, etc.
  • Logo branding opportunities on tour apparel including headwear and shirts

Testimonial Placements For:

  • Direct cash donations for financial support for participants and their families
  • Material and supply donations of equipment, accessories and grass fees






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